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Frequently Asked Questions

We are At the head of this server, there are 5 people. BrokenFiles_, Loario, f4c, Khorrae and HardBodyBoy.

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We have been creating game servers since February 2016.
Two of our owners (BrokenFiles_ and Loario) are developers and take care of the server.
At the time, we were G-Community, a minecraft server with more than 150k registered.

On, virtual money is represented by credits.
To buy credits, go to
Then you will have to go into the game to buy what you want.

To join the staff, you will have to go to the support section of the site, then post your application.

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But be careful, you must know how to check players and be over 15 years old.
Then, moderators will answer you and judge you on your ability to pass the oral interview.


Duration: 10-20 minutes
You will be tested in verification and your personality will be tested to know if you are compatible with the staff of our server.